Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day 6 (30 "Interesting" Facts)

30 interesting facts about yourself
I think these might just be facts, not so sure about the interesting part :\

1. I'm 21 and still have yet to get my drivers license (not sure if that's interesting or just negligence haha, but something always comes up when I feel ready to take the test and my mom was always too scared to teach me to drive so it took me a while to teach  myself with friends)

2. Since the age of 10 I've lived on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I was born and raised up until that point in the south (born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama). It was difficult growing up as the minority (being white in a population of almost 100% Native American) , but I did and and learned so much from the culture.

3. The only family I've had up here has been my mom and one of my brothers. Thats it.

4. I was a premature baby and everyone thought I wasn't going to make it out of the hospital, but here I am! :)

5. My natural hair is dirty blonde but I always feel its too bland and yearn to dye my hair red again and again every day.

6. I used to tan when I was little, now I'm just too pale and I burn. I don't really mind. I think I would look weird with a tan haha.

7. I don't really like going to theatres all that much. I would much rather watch a movie at my house. I guess I'm a home body. Plus a lot of the seats are really uncomfortable.

8. I absolutely hate dry things! Especially if my hands are dry and I have to touch something thats dry, such as paper or a chalk board. I used to have a hard time doing work in school because I couldn't touch my paper or go up and do a problem on the board.

9. I still don't know what I want to do with my life

10. I went to school for photography, but left after the first year because too many people said I shouldn't do it. Now I wish I ignored everybody.

11. I met Alanis Morrisette at a Sundance

12. My arms are double jointed. I always thought everyone could twist their arms like that.

13. I always keep my phone on silent. So, I tend to miss phone calls a lot.

14. Being in the dark room developing pictures is one of the most relaxing things I've ever done and I always miss being able to even though I wasn't that great at it.

15. I've been babysitting on and off (mostly on) for almost 3 years, yet I still go back and forth on if I want kids. It'll most likely happen when I'm a lot older. 

16. I have hardly any patience. 

17. My pinky and knees pop when I bend them :\

18. I think I was pretty much born accepting of different cultures/sexual orientations, etc. As racist as some of my family can be, I've never agreed with it.

19. I can go all day without eating, but  I get super hungry at night whether I eat earlier or not.

20. I got hit in the face with a baseball while pitching once when I was younger and after that I always played outfield. 

21. I had 2 really crappy step dads in my life and my real dad wasn't around much, yet I still have faith in good men and always have. I just told my mom that she picks the wrong ones.

22. I still get shocked thinking that I've been with someone for over 5 years! And that you can meet someone at age 16 and still be crazy in love with each other when you're almost 22.

23. I have a habit of touching my nose to my lips and making formations. I know, it sounds weird (and it is), but I've been doing it since I was little and so it just happens.

24. I bruise super easy! My brother would always pinch me or barely hit me and it would hurt so bad, because it was forming a bruise and he never understood it. Always heard the phrase "I didn't even hit you that hard!" Well, it still hurts A-hole.

25. I think my eyes are super sensitive to the sun, because I'm constantly squinting even with my glasses on and I'm worried I will get those worry lines, haha.

26. When I'm nervous I clench my fists really tight

27. Sometimes when me and Danz are laying down I start to rub my finger on his shower or my foot on his leg making patterns and I don't realize I'm doing it until he asks me what I'm doing.

28. I used  to never wear my glasses at school. I would only put them on to read what was on the board and then take them off and repeat that until class was over. I probably looked more stupid than I would have if I would've just worn the glasses.

29. I take too many pictures. My ipod is constantly getting filled up just from photos so I have to empty it. My computer as well.

30. I took dancing lessons when I was younger until my dance teacher moved. I always wished I couldve kept dancing, it was my favorite.

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  1. I feel like i got to know you better. pretty cool.