Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting!

Hey there! Lately I've been babysitting again for some extra money. I started babysitting about 3 years ago when my nephew was born. A little after he was born I was done with my first year of college and my brother needed help while he worked so I opted to babysit for them for free. After I had been watching him for a few months my nephew's mom's mom (haha) offered to pay me to babysit her somewhat newborn girl (I know, a little crazy they had babies a month from each other!). So, of course I said yes. Her name is Caroline and I've been watching her on and off ever since. I feel like I had a pretty big hand in rasing her.

Tuesday was the first time I've watched her in almost a year and now she is almost 3 years old and talking up a storm. She has grown so much, but I love it. I think it is so much easier watching a kid who is more independent than a baby who you have to do just about everything for. Its almost a lot more fun too. We get to do a lot of activites!

So far I've only had her for 3 days, but today we made Jello yummm (still in the refrigerator firming up)

And it was my first time making playdough! She is such a girly girl and loves girly girl colors like purple haha

 She absolutely loved it!

Thats why I need some help. I need to find some other activities to do with her. Its still winter up here for us South Dakotians so we can't really go outside much. We need some fun indoor activities to keep us busy throughout the day. I tried searching for stuff online, but I never find anything that great.


What do you and your children/nephew/nieces do for fun?

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  1. You're so pretty! i enjoyed all these photos, and the baby is adorable :)