Thursday, January 20, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day One

So, I'm going to start this 30 day challenge thing that is usually for Tumblr, but I usually forget to post those type of things on Tumblr and I think I'm more likely to post it on here and keep up with it :) 
Instead of doing it every day I'll do it one day a week (Thursday obviously) for 30 days. Welp, here goes day one.

Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
(one of our first photos together and it was an inside joke we were definately not serious lol)

I am in a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend of 5 years. His name is LaDanza (sounded out like Tony Danza) We met on accident 3 different times before getting together all three times because of a mutual friend. The first at one of his skate competitions, the second because the mutual friend of ours (Juwan) came to see me and had Danza give him a ride, and the third and final was at a homecoming dance for my high school which he didn't go to. I wasn't even going to go to the dance, because I wasnt sure if my friends would be there or not, but I got terribly bored and went on a whim. He tagged along with Juwan who went to school there. Juwan ended up ditching him for some girl and I was there still looking for my friends so we got stuck together. It turned out to be an intersting night. He was being really cute trying to steal my phone from me so he could hold my hand and all of that. The whole night we sat in a corner by ourselves just flirting and joking. 
(back in 2007 when he had a blonde patch in his hair haha I def miss how I looked back then)
I decided I wanted to go home so I called for my ride and he walked me outside to wait. While we were standing there he leaned in to kiss me. I was seriously taken aback. I though he was way out of my league and there was no way he would like me. But he did :) Anyways, after that I left and ended up getting our car rammed into the back by another car while we were turning into our drive way and I had to go to the hospital for x-rays because I couldnt move my back since I hit it off jack, but I was fine.
(another one of our old photos together :) )

The next day he called me though and we hung out that night and have been together ever since.
We had a ton of ups and downs in the beginning because of exes, but once it got cleared up everything was smooth sailing. We met when we had both just turned 16 and are both now 21. His birthday is only 5 days before mine, to the date. And now we are engaged :) 

Here are some more random/old photos:


(I believe this is the 1st pic I ever took of him) 


  1. Aw! Your relationship story is so completely adorable. I just discovered your blog and I'm glad I did. It a fun read!:D I love the hairstyles over the years. Congrats on your engagement as well!

  2. Aww thank you so much! :) Oh my gosh one of these days I will post a hairstyle post, because I have dyed and changed my hair sooo much its rediculous! :| Anywho, thank you for stopping by! :D

  3. This is adorable! I'm glad you overcame a kinda rough start, it makes me smile to hear that it all worked anyway. And yeah, congrats on being engaged too. :)

  4. Your relationship is adorable! 5 years? that's awesome :)

    great shots!!!

  5. @Elizabeth Yep! Actually a little over now! October 7th was our 5th year anniversary. :)

    Thanks everybody!