Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day Seven


Your Zodiac Sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I happen to be a Leo, born August 15th and I'm very happy to be a Leo :) This is what this site says about my sign:

The zodiac signs and meanings of Leo is about expanse, power and exuberance. Leo’s are natural born leaders, and they will let you know it as they have a tendency to be high-minded and vocal about their opinions. That’s okay, because if you observe, the Leo is usually correct in his/her statements. Leo’s have a savvy way of analyzing a situation and executing swift judgment with a beneficial outcome. It comes from being a leader. They are brave, intuitive, and also head-strong and willful. Beneath their dynamic persona lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that they do not easily share with others. They might be a bit bossy, but those who know them understand this comes from a source need to do good, not (usually) from an inflated ego. 

   I've seen many of the forwards that tell you about your sign and I think they have all been pretty spot on. I don't know if I'm so much a leader in my daily life now, mostly because I have no need to be. But when I was in high school and somewhat in college, I definitely think I was. I wasn't into sports or anything, so not in that way, but when there were group discussions or projects that needed to be done I was often the one to try to lead everyone in the right direction. I always heard that Leos always want to be the center of attention and I was like that back then too. I don't think I ever did it in a bad/annoying way though. I was just kind of loud and goofy with my friends and was the center of attention that way. I certainly had my moments of being a loner though, but the latter outdid the loner most times.  
   I've changed quite a bit since then. I guess you can say its just from growing up and whatnot, but I know its also from my weight gain since high school. My personality has been at a decline ever since I started to gain weight and have an awful self image. I'm trying to change that now though. It's never too late to change what you can't learn to love. Its weird for me though, I see other "bigger boned" girls and think they are so pretty! But with myself it just doesn't fit. Like most people who have gained unwanted weight say, I feel like a "skinny" girl in a fat suit. I guess it has a lot to do with confidence too, but I don't see how I can get enough confidence when I don't like what I see. Don't get me wrong, I have confidence in myself and I think that's a big reason why I've been able to lose weight recently. I've been thinking so much more positively about my self image and trying not to think how I don't like my body now, but how much it gives me now and how much better I can make it. Okay, I'm rambling now and it's not even what the post is about, haha. See you tomorrow with my Friday Favs! 

Oh and hey, this has nothing to do with anything (which is usually the case with things I have to say), but if you ever wonder why my blog is named The Wood Grain Whale...this little guy is my inspiration behind that :D

 I got him from urban outfitters a couple of years ago if it wasn't already obvious :)


  1. He's really adorable! lovely photo.

  2. ARE BIRTHDAYS ARE SO CLOSE TOGETHER! My birthday is August 16th though. aww the little plushie whale is so cute *__*

  3. Hes my fav :) Wow just one day after mine, usually mine is way later than everyone's haha! My fiance's birthday is just five days before mine same year and everything :)