Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day 8

A moment you felt most satisfied with your life.

   I think I've had plenty of moments like that. Usually those moments are when I was with a really great friend or friends, Danza, or family. When you are just laughing so hard or you have the greatest butterflies or you are just with someone who makes you feel just so, as if everything, everywhere, all the time will be okay and you are just going with the flow. That is when I feel most satisfied with my life. I don't have times like that often, but like I said I've had plenty throughout my 21 years.

   For instance, I'll take the most recent time (just because its easier to remember) that I saw a dear friend Jacob. I was at the dentist and had come up there with my mom. I went to my appointment while she was getting her hair done and low and behold her hair cut takes waaay longer than my dentist appointment. So...there I am stuck without a ride. I called a cab and they claim they showed up where I was, but I didn't see them anywhere. So I tried again and they still didn't get it right even though I gave them the correct address. So, I started to text friends I knew that lived around there or that might be in town and could give me a ride, but that was hopeless as well. The one person that I didn't want to call, but I knew would be able to pick me up was Jacob. I didn't want to ask him because we have a past and although nothing has gone on between us in years and years, Danz is still a little iffy about us hanging out or whatever. But I seriously had no other option and had been sitting at the dentist's office for a little over an hour already.

   So, I just called him (making sure Danz was okay with it first, of course). Anyways, Jacob came and picked me up. When he got there he parked in the wrong parking lot and actually had to climb up the side of this bridge thing to where I was, haha. He brought me a record that he had gotten from the bands live show in town that had been signed by them. It was awesome. Then we did something I never do, especially at like 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We went to a bar. We got there and he had me make a playlist on the jukebox while he went to get us a couple of beers. We would choose songs back and forth between the two of us. We sat and we talked about some of the most random things. He was making me laugh with his witty humor. He really isn't a very goofy person like me, just a little sarcastic and as I said witty. I felt right at home in a place that I would normally find very uncomfortable. I think right then I just felt satisfied. I felt like I was doing somethin I wouldn't normally do with someone I normally wouldn't be with, yet I felt great about the stuff that extended beyond that. I felt like I had made great choices about my friends, about my fiance among other things. It's very hard to explain, but maybe if you read this article on "'Flow' Experiences" you can understand what I mean. Even though the article is geared towards sports, its still the same feeling I got that day and many other days as well. Like the day I met Danza or in high school when I would go on adventures with my friends. :)

Here is a (really old) picture of him for some reference haha. Not great quality, but ehh I never really took many pictures of him and I don't think any with :\

   I think I mostly wrote about him of all people, because like I said it was one of the most recent times it has happened, but also because if you know me then you need to know about this guy, haha. He has made a huge impact on my life as a friend. He taught me a lot about what I now know about music and culture and all that good stuff. I was seriously going in the wrong direction in life before I started talking to him and without knowing he steered me in the right direction. I've known him for around 9 years now, so since I was in 8th grade. He is probably the only friend I've had that long that I still talk to semi-regularly. I think I felt that way around him, because he was actually listening, like really listening to whatever I had to say. Not a lot of people do that now days. Lately I've been having a hard time dealing with that. So, I'm very grateful for friends like this.

 I'm sooo gonna catch shit for this post, haha...oh well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heads up

   I just did a bit of a redesign on my blog AGAIN, haha. I know, I probably change it waaay too much, but I can't help it. I love to come up with different color schemes and although the basics stay the same it looks so much better to me when everything is simplified.


Super Quick Update!

   So I think the last time I updated anything on my whole weight loss thing was when I had lost around 8lbs. I have been trying to stick to my calorie counting and recently got up to a loss of 14.2lbs! Now, I'm trying not to get too excited because I've had a bad weekend (with eating I mean) and a bad day yesterday. I let some emotions overcome my whole day and sort of ate my feelings. Plus, my legs were SO sore from starting level three of the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels that I could hardly even walk! I totally didn't expect that so I was pretty upset that I couldn't workout and keep up the weight loss. Hopefully today or tomorrow I can get these buns back on track and get down to my first goal of -20lbs. :):):)

This was taken from the Lose It! App where I track my calories :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day Seven


Your Zodiac Sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I happen to be a Leo, born August 15th and I'm very happy to be a Leo :) This is what this site says about my sign:

The zodiac signs and meanings of Leo is about expanse, power and exuberance. Leo’s are natural born leaders, and they will let you know it as they have a tendency to be high-minded and vocal about their opinions. That’s okay, because if you observe, the Leo is usually correct in his/her statements. Leo’s have a savvy way of analyzing a situation and executing swift judgment with a beneficial outcome. It comes from being a leader. They are brave, intuitive, and also head-strong and willful. Beneath their dynamic persona lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that they do not easily share with others. They might be a bit bossy, but those who know them understand this comes from a source need to do good, not (usually) from an inflated ego. 

   I've seen many of the forwards that tell you about your sign and I think they have all been pretty spot on. I don't know if I'm so much a leader in my daily life now, mostly because I have no need to be. But when I was in high school and somewhat in college, I definitely think I was. I wasn't into sports or anything, so not in that way, but when there were group discussions or projects that needed to be done I was often the one to try to lead everyone in the right direction. I always heard that Leos always want to be the center of attention and I was like that back then too. I don't think I ever did it in a bad/annoying way though. I was just kind of loud and goofy with my friends and was the center of attention that way. I certainly had my moments of being a loner though, but the latter outdid the loner most times.  
   I've changed quite a bit since then. I guess you can say its just from growing up and whatnot, but I know its also from my weight gain since high school. My personality has been at a decline ever since I started to gain weight and have an awful self image. I'm trying to change that now though. It's never too late to change what you can't learn to love. Its weird for me though, I see other "bigger boned" girls and think they are so pretty! But with myself it just doesn't fit. Like most people who have gained unwanted weight say, I feel like a "skinny" girl in a fat suit. I guess it has a lot to do with confidence too, but I don't see how I can get enough confidence when I don't like what I see. Don't get me wrong, I have confidence in myself and I think that's a big reason why I've been able to lose weight recently. I've been thinking so much more positively about my self image and trying not to think how I don't like my body now, but how much it gives me now and how much better I can make it. Okay, I'm rambling now and it's not even what the post is about, haha. See you tomorrow with my Friday Favs! 

Oh and hey, this has nothing to do with anything (which is usually the case with things I have to say), but if you ever wonder why my blog is named The Wood Grain Whale...this little guy is my inspiration behind that :D

 I got him from urban outfitters a couple of years ago if it wasn't already obvious :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why do I blog?

    Since I've started reading blogs, I've notice a lot of people have a theme. Whether it's a mommy blog, DIY, lifestyle, crafts, or whatever there is a theme. Since starting my own blog, I've always known that mine would be generally a lifestyle blog, therefore giving a bit of reasoning for what I post. 

(I realize this photo has no relevancy to anything...oh well)

    I've never been really good at getting photos printed out and making albums, or even keeping up with where I put pictures. All of my digital pictures usually end up scattered around somewhere on discs. Besides, I'm sort of  a disorganized person. As much as I try to keep things in their place, I'm usually rushing when getting dressed or grabbing things so they often find their way to the floor. With this blog I'm hoping it will help contain a little bit of my life. Pictures, random thoughts, and things I enjoy will have a place to sit and stay to be enjoyed later or even just give a little reminder...and this is why I started to blog. I'm a very messy/forgetful person and this little blog will serve me as the one little spot where I don't have to worry about forgetting a moment or losing photos. It may become a little frazzled and not always be as organized or perfect, but I guess that will just make it more of mine...right? Right.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LaDanza & Me

   Hey there! Here are the photos I promised of me and LaDanza. Hes a little weirdo, but that's okay :P. Rainy wanted to do a couple shoot and I'm not gonna say no to having pictures of us! For some reason I never seem to take enough.

I'm such a dork around him!


He was probably in the midst of kissing me on the head :)

Seriously awkward!

We are both Leos so this is kind of a cheesy one! LOL

We had issues jumping at the same time, haha. My booty was almost hanging out, sorry!

   By the way, I sort of had an off few weeks in my whole "diet"/workout plan. I didn't gain though at least. I actually lost three pounds, but it took three weeks or so to do that, so it isn't the best. I'm back on track and going to work really hard this week though! Wish me luck! New Week, new start! :)

Oh, and here's a random lame video of me trying to let you hear the birds and owl outside when I leave to work in the morning. The owl just HAD to stop until the video ended. I'll get him one of these days.

Ps. If you didn't notice already, I finally got my about me up (it might change later, who knows!) and updated my picture once again. That will probably stay the same for a while.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit Post!

   Here is Friday's outfit! I got this dress from Forever 21 (Love 21) and I absolutely love it! I was worried about fit, because I haven't bought clothes from forever 21 since I was a much smaller size and even then sometimes had trouble fitting into their clothes. But I saw this dress on their site and I new I HAD to have it, literally right then and there. Mostly because of how beautiful it is, but also because they ALWAYS sell out of stuff before I can buy it.

   But I hopped right on this one and boy am I happy I did! I saw that Love 21 happens to run a half size or so bigger than forever 21 stuff. I figured if it didn't fit, oh well. I would just return it. But it did and this is what it looks like...on me anyways. Sorry in advance for any photos that might seem redundant.

   Rae took these ones also and I'm pretty sure I'm more in love with these than the others now, haha it could be the dress though after all. She took photos of me and Danza as well, but I'm going to wait 'til a little later to share those ones, so watch for them! ;) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Dress: Forever21 (Love 21)
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Wet Seal

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Picture Time!

   I'm still very new at this whole blogging thing and I'm trying to find things to post that will help you get to know me a little better. So, why not share some old photos of me :) We have tons and tons of photos in boxes and most of them are kept at my grandparent's down south. These are just some of the few that I had already scanned and saved on my computer.

Me and my brother Cody, obviously ready to have some sort of coloring party :)
Posing for my momma

Chocolate face and my brothers jacket. I'm pretty sure this was the time they asked if I got into the candy and I said no, with chocolate all over my face. Nice Lauren, nice.

Playin' on the swingset in out backyard when we lived in alabama. As you will see later, I fell off said slide and cried into my Papaw's shoulder.

Not sure if this is Christmas day or not

Chillin' with Betty Bop

My first day of school. I was obsessed with cheerleading. So, everything anyone ever said turned into a cheer. As the bus came down the road I yelled while waving my arms around, "The bus IS coming, the bus IS coming!" I inevitably annoyed my brothers.

   My Grandma always told me I liked to sit at her bathroom counter and do my hair. I obviously wasn't very good at it then and even now.

And this would be after falling off the aforementioned slide...

Me and both of my brothers

Missing some teeth

Minnie mouse slippers. This was always one of my favorites

Don't know what was goin' on here and why I wasn't a part of it :P

If I find any more I will be sure to post :)
Check back Monday for another outfit post!