Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Picture Time!

   I'm still very new at this whole blogging thing and I'm trying to find things to post that will help you get to know me a little better. So, why not share some old photos of me :) We have tons and tons of photos in boxes and most of them are kept at my grandparent's down south. These are just some of the few that I had already scanned and saved on my computer.

Me and my brother Cody, obviously ready to have some sort of coloring party :)
Posing for my momma

Chocolate face and my brothers jacket. I'm pretty sure this was the time they asked if I got into the candy and I said no, with chocolate all over my face. Nice Lauren, nice.

Playin' on the swingset in out backyard when we lived in alabama. As you will see later, I fell off said slide and cried into my Papaw's shoulder.

Not sure if this is Christmas day or not

Chillin' with Betty Bop

My first day of school. I was obsessed with cheerleading. So, everything anyone ever said turned into a cheer. As the bus came down the road I yelled while waving my arms around, "The bus IS coming, the bus IS coming!" I inevitably annoyed my brothers.

   My Grandma always told me I liked to sit at her bathroom counter and do my hair. I obviously wasn't very good at it then and even now.

And this would be after falling off the aforementioned slide...

Me and both of my brothers

Missing some teeth

Minnie mouse slippers. This was always one of my favorites

Don't know what was goin' on here and why I wasn't a part of it :P

If I find any more I will be sure to post :)
Check back Monday for another outfit post!

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