Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LaDanza & Me

   Hey there! Here are the photos I promised of me and LaDanza. Hes a little weirdo, but that's okay :P. Rainy wanted to do a couple shoot and I'm not gonna say no to having pictures of us! For some reason I never seem to take enough.

I'm such a dork around him!


He was probably in the midst of kissing me on the head :)

Seriously awkward!

We are both Leos so this is kind of a cheesy one! LOL

We had issues jumping at the same time, haha. My booty was almost hanging out, sorry!

   By the way, I sort of had an off few weeks in my whole "diet"/workout plan. I didn't gain though at least. I actually lost three pounds, but it took three weeks or so to do that, so it isn't the best. I'm back on track and going to work really hard this week though! Wish me luck! New Week, new start! :)

Oh, and here's a random lame video of me trying to let you hear the birds and owl outside when I leave to work in the morning. The owl just HAD to stop until the video ended. I'll get him one of these days.

Ps. If you didn't notice already, I finally got my about me up (it might change later, who knows!) and updated my picture once again. That will probably stay the same for a while.


  1. The "cheesy" lion one is my favourite- you look so pretty!