Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Obsession!

    Of course, one my favorite blogs is Kaelah Bee's from Little Chief Honey Bee. So, when I saw her post on e.l.f cosmetics I had to go to their site and take a look. I have heard of them before and actually saw their site earlier this year, but didn't give it much thought until now to actually order anything. I did get a makeup brush and eyelash curler from them this past winter while at Target. They were both like a dollar. So, I  couldn't pass that up. When I heard they were having a President's sale, I really couldn't pass THAT up.  Therefore, I put in my order! :)

    I have really been obsessing over trying new things with makeup, because most of the time what I wear is so minimal. I usually put on foundation with powder on it then mascara and a little blush. Yep, that's all. I figured since I'm sort of a newbie at this that I would start off small. I know that e.l.f's products come pretty small and they are also pretty cheap. I was looking at mostly nudes and pinks with shimmer in them for a spring/summer glow. I'm pretty pale anyways and I feel like those are the colors that look best with my complexion. These are the products that I ordered (pretty sure this is all).
I got two different colors of shimmering facial whip. One in pink lemonade and the other in pink lilac (don't you just love those names!?)

I also got fire coral and mint green nail polish! Beautiful colors in my opinion.

I wanted to try some bronzer/blush type stuff and contouring. So, I got this natural radiance blusher and the blushed/bronzed compacts.

To help with my eyes, because not only do i have somewhat of dark circles, I'm so light skinned that you can see some veins under my eyes. Not cute. So,  I got this tone correcting concealer. I think my brows are fine really, but I really like the highlighter on the brown pencil.

I am most excited about this! They have this 100 eye shadow palette. So, many different shades! It was just $10. Really looking forward to experimenting with all the colors.

 I got this complexion corrector, because I have a problem with redness. Usually foundation does the trick, but I thought I would see how well this works.

 Lastly, I got this shimmer palette. Just for some highlights and whatever else. 

Can't wait to receive and try out all of these. I will have to let you know how it goes. Depending of the size of the products, I might not order them again even if I love them. I will just try to find a product that closely resembles it in a larger amount. I don't live very close to drug stores or department stores to buy makeup easily. So, I usually need a large quantity to get me by for a while. Here's to hoping this goes well! Haha.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

This adorable backpack 

Lovvee these vintage swimsuits. Totally need one for this summer! 
(found via Tumblr)

Paramore as a new band (and still old) and their new song In the Mourning :)
  (found via Tumblr)

Allie's amazing old person makeup transformation! haha

I think I absolutely need this awesome chalk board calender. I use a white board right now and this is much easier on the eyes!

Happy Friday everyone!

Hidden Folders: Black and White Photos

Here are some photos that I took this past summer that I completely forgot I had. I discovered a folder and thought I would share the black and whites that I loved.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day Four

Your views on religion.
Well, I went to a Lakota Catholic school from 5th grade until I graduated. Lakota being the tribe of the Native American's that live here. So, the school focused on teaching both Lakota values (very one-with-earth type customs. They have a saying "mitakuye oyasin" that means we are all related) and Catholic values. We had to attend mass once a week all throughout middle school and take a religion class every year up until graduation. It was a very lenient school though. No real dress code and most of the teachers were young volunteers and were very laid back. I always leaned toward the Lakota teachings rather than Catholic. I didn't grow up with any religion shoved at me unless you count my grandmother giving me bibles all the time and taking us to church when we were little.

I know not all Christians or Catholics are like this, but I never liked the bible thumpers shoving their beliefs down your throat and everything is a sin blah blah blah. Lakota values teach you more about respecting others, yourself and the earth and I think that is what matters most in life. I also think religion causes too much controversy. There are so many wars on religion and hate crimes because of it. I say, to each his own but it really just gives everyone something to hate in another person.

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A Bit of Happiness! :)


Happy Thursday! :)
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Newborn Pictures!

Hey there! Thought I would share some photos I took today of my fiance's sister's twins! They are so adorable. I'm still not done going through them. You can probably tell by how many more there are of Isaac than Cassi. For some reason Isaac's came out better than Cassi's. I think its the light. I'm going to see what tricks I can pull in photoshop later. I edited these (lightly) with toycamera, because I didn't have access to photoshop all day and I was way too anxious to mess with them! 

I also took a few of my fiance and his sister Callie!