Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day Two

Where you'd like to be in then years.

Hmm...this is such a difficult question for me, because I really don't know what is going to happen with anything this whole year so its really hard for me to say where I'll be in ten years. I would really like to have a family by then and obviously have a career. That career though is the thing I am stuck on. Everything else I'm sure of, but I still am not sure about what I want to be when I grow up. A lot of times I can't sleep at night, because I'm 21 years old and have still not answered that question. I've been going to school for nursing the past couple of years, but that has been mostly my mom's decision and because I was so unsure even then, I just went with it thinking it will all work itself out eventually.

It really hasn't and I'm still undecided if I should finish up with nursing or follow my dream as a photographer. I just always question my abilities to do photography so thats the hard part.

I don't know. I guess I'm all over the place and this is becoming a rant, haha. I guess in ten years I just want to have had a decision made and be starting a family. I've always wanted kids and I have always admired mother's that are really good to their children. My mom took care of the necessities for the most part as we grew up, but I don't think any of us have grown really close to her. She works 12 hour shifts as a nurse and night shifts at that and has done that since we were little. So, we rarely got to see her anyways. I want to be different from that. I want to be close with my children and give them strong values and options in their life. Yeah.

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  1. I guess it's normal for adults our age to not know yet what we want out of life. i am the same way. i know the direction I'm headed but I'm still iffy on a few subjects. you want to be a photographer? that's amazing. so do i :)