Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day Four

Your views on religion.
Well, I went to a Lakota Catholic school from 5th grade until I graduated. Lakota being the tribe of the Native American's that live here. So, the school focused on teaching both Lakota values (very one-with-earth type customs. They have a saying "mitakuye oyasin" that means we are all related) and Catholic values. We had to attend mass once a week all throughout middle school and take a religion class every year up until graduation. It was a very lenient school though. No real dress code and most of the teachers were young volunteers and were very laid back. I always leaned toward the Lakota teachings rather than Catholic. I didn't grow up with any religion shoved at me unless you count my grandmother giving me bibles all the time and taking us to church when we were little.

I know not all Christians or Catholics are like this, but I never liked the bible thumpers shoving their beliefs down your throat and everything is a sin blah blah blah. Lakota values teach you more about respecting others, yourself and the earth and I think that is what matters most in life. I also think religion causes too much controversy. There are so many wars on religion and hate crimes because of it. I say, to each his own but it really just gives everyone something to hate in another person.

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