Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Obsession!

    Of course, one my favorite blogs is Kaelah Bee's from Little Chief Honey Bee. So, when I saw her post on e.l.f cosmetics I had to go to their site and take a look. I have heard of them before and actually saw their site earlier this year, but didn't give it much thought until now to actually order anything. I did get a makeup brush and eyelash curler from them this past winter while at Target. They were both like a dollar. So, I  couldn't pass that up. When I heard they were having a President's sale, I really couldn't pass THAT up.  Therefore, I put in my order! :)

    I have really been obsessing over trying new things with makeup, because most of the time what I wear is so minimal. I usually put on foundation with powder on it then mascara and a little blush. Yep, that's all. I figured since I'm sort of a newbie at this that I would start off small. I know that e.l.f's products come pretty small and they are also pretty cheap. I was looking at mostly nudes and pinks with shimmer in them for a spring/summer glow. I'm pretty pale anyways and I feel like those are the colors that look best with my complexion. These are the products that I ordered (pretty sure this is all).
I got two different colors of shimmering facial whip. One in pink lemonade and the other in pink lilac (don't you just love those names!?)

I also got fire coral and mint green nail polish! Beautiful colors in my opinion.

I wanted to try some bronzer/blush type stuff and contouring. So, I got this natural radiance blusher and the blushed/bronzed compacts.

To help with my eyes, because not only do i have somewhat of dark circles, I'm so light skinned that you can see some veins under my eyes. Not cute. So,  I got this tone correcting concealer. I think my brows are fine really, but I really like the highlighter on the brown pencil.

I am most excited about this! They have this 100 eye shadow palette. So, many different shades! It was just $10. Really looking forward to experimenting with all the colors.

 I got this complexion corrector, because I have a problem with redness. Usually foundation does the trick, but I thought I would see how well this works.

 Lastly, I got this shimmer palette. Just for some highlights and whatever else. 

Can't wait to receive and try out all of these. I will have to let you know how it goes. Depending of the size of the products, I might not order them again even if I love them. I will just try to find a product that closely resembles it in a larger amount. I don't live very close to drug stores or department stores to buy makeup easily. So, I usually need a large quantity to get me by for a while. Here's to hoping this goes well! Haha.

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  1. Elf nail polish is really cute, and i love your default photo!