Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

I'm here with my Friday Favorites! I know I'm so bad at keeping up with this blogging thing! It's just I'm either soo busy that I can't share much or absolutely nothing is going on so I have nothing to share! I would share more about working out and my weight loss journey, but I really don't want this to turn into a weight loss blog. Hopefully things will pick up soon. As for now, here are my favorites! Enjoy!

 This duvet I have been drooling over from 
Urban Outfitters for months now

This awesome heart hole puncher also from Urban Outfitters
Its on sale right now so it will probably be out of stock before I can snatch it up :(

This super cute necklace from Modcloth, but 50 something bucks
not so sure about that.

Love this bag from Forever21 for spring/summer!

This dress from Modcloth is perfect for spring!

These awesome watermelon bowls and wedge plates from Pier1 Imports!

Lastly, check out this monkey tea pot, also from Pier1


  1. adorable! i was actually on urban outfitters today and i loved the duvet and the heart hole puncher. i love the monkey mug!

  2. Okay so the monkey teapot is my favourite and I want it! :)