Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Memory: The White Stripes

 In memory of The White Stripes as a band (they announced their split today) I sat in my room and listened to their record for part of my afternoon. It was inevitable that they would one day break up/split/whatever and its not all that sad, because it has been a while since they let out an album together and I didn't listen to the last once much anyways.
 I don't really have a favorite album but their first three has to be the best. Their older stuff is normally what I find myself going back to over and over.
This photo was from when I got to see them live at Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver, Co courtesy of my ex-boyfriend. It will always be a night I will remember even though it was almost six years ago. The White Stripes have gotten me through my teen years, heart breaks, love, and life. They remind me of a lot of things including a couple of past loves, but it never effects my love for the band, only encourages it more.
If you haven't listened to them, I suggest that you go, now and do it. If you have and you haven't listened to their old stuff, you should probably do that too. AND if you haven't seen Under Blackpool Lights yet, oh my gosh I just don't even know. Jack is the best live! You can tell he plays with his heart and soul. You just have to see it to believe it.

Here are some of my favorite videos from Under Blackpool Lights:

"Thank you very much for being you, I suppose, wherever you are." -Jack White

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