Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, this all started last night. Me and my fiance Danza went to the hospital because his sister is/was pregnant with twins and she was 3cm dialated and was having bad contractions. They ended up transferring her to a bigger hospital that is almost 2 hours away in Rapid City and turns out she didn't have the babies. So, she just came back home. Tonight we got a call saying she was in the delivery room about to have the babies, but when I heard she was only 5cm dialated I was like "Oh well, its probably going to be a while." So, we sort of took our time getting ready.

By the time we got to the hospital they were prepping her for a C-section, because it was the safer route for a set of 3 week premature twins. So we waited and waited for and hour or longer and finally they were done. We were peeking into the room where they were keeping them through the blinds that for some reason they refused to open and we were so excited! Later I finally got to go into the room and take some photos!
This top one is Cassie and the bottom is Isaac. Aren't they precious?

 Loved today! :) So sweet seeing new life like this and to see Danza so anxious haha. It makes me wonder what he is going to be like when we have babies of our own.

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