Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Favorites: Bookcases

There are so many elements to a house that can make it really beautiful and one that I think is very important (at least for me) and eye catching are bookcases. They are so many different styles and colors. They are so fabulous and not only are they fabulous, but what you can set in them can really make the difference. You could use them for collections, displays, or just really great books! I love seeing what different people do with their bookcases and how they add to the look of a room.

Here are some really cute and interesting ones I've found.

 Here is a rotating bookcase in what looks like could be a young girls bedroom, so cute! 
Heres a honeycomb bookase, such a great design.

Very creative! 

 Love this pop of color :) 

 I don't know how anyone managed this, but its perfect!

 So in love with this idea. Not very convenient, but oh so beautiful.

 This! Very nice design.

 Bookshelf headboards are so awesome :)

 Such a cute idea for a child's room!

 I love neat huge bookshelves in a den :)

 Fireplace bookshelf/storage

 Secret door bookshelf! I would give anything for a house that adorable and its in my favorite color!

 Bookshelf in the shape of the United States, just pure awesomeness


  1. I love the tree one. it's adorable! i can't wait to fill up my whole bookcase!

  2. I love the idea of a turning bookcase! So handy!