Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Instagram/Picture Show Photo Dump

1. Having my coffee and sitting on the porch while I watched my nephew play outside 2. Jaeden picking "flowers" and giving them to me 3. Jaeden chillin in my room 4. Matt Homnick's forehead from UFC 129 5. Trying to wear eye makeup 6. Finding out Osama was killed 7. Sitting in the car waiting for Danza to come out of Subway 8. Having my morning coffee 9. Watching the Today Show 10. Orange 11, 12. Playing outside with Caroline (the tiltshift option on the flower one was horrible haha). 13, 14, 15. Baking a cake for Callie yesterday (failed to get a final result photo. It was rainbow colored and REALLY pretty. argh). 16. Caroline sleeping in a weird position this morning

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