Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Days Thursday: Day 12

Bullet your whole day:

Oh. Wow. This is going to be so interesting...

  • Wake up around 6 or 6:30
  • Sigh
  • Take a shower and proceed to throw clean pajamas/sweats on (I babysit all day all by myself. I choose comfort.)
  • Refuse to blow dry my hair or put any makeup on
  • Go downstairs to the big freezer to grab breakfast and lunch for the day
  • Throw other necessary things in my bag to bring with me ie computer charger, phone charger, ipod charger, and sometimes my energy powder packets
  • By 7 o'clock Drive to the gas station to get cheap coffee
  • Drive about 10 miles out of town to "work"
  • Chat with Dawn (who I babysit for) for a while before she leaves for work
  • Watch The Today Show and drink coffee while checking emails/twitter/instagram etc on my ipod
  • Caroline gets up anywhere between 8:30-9:30 so I get her changed out of her pamper and get her breakfast
  • At 10 I have breakfast
  • Check blog/surf web/play with Caroline
  • Lunch at 12 or 1
  • Bring Caroline outside (if weather permits)
  • Snack for her then nap time
  • Find something to occupy my time until Danza comes to get me at 3:30
  • Get to the gym before 4 and workout for a little over an hour
  • The rest of the day is spent with Danza doing whatever our little hearts desire
  • Lights are usually out around midnight
As you can tell, I really don't do much during the week while I'm at work. Thus why I bring my computer. What could I possibly do while sitting at somebody else's house? If you have any ideas I sure could use them! :D


  1. sounds like a lot to me. i wanted to take the little one out as well but its raining.

    great post!

  2. I wanted to take Caroline out today too. Its so nice out today, but she was being a little turd. She had to go into time out twice and then she got upset and went to her bed and fell asleep. That girl is nuts.