Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Day Detox Challenge

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    Kaelah over at Little Chief Honey Bee has blogged about her newest endeavor/challenge...being positive! Not just thinking positive, but also sending out positive vibes via twitter, tumblr, blogging etc. She explains in her post how its so easy to vent through these mediums, but it can be very harmful for other people reading it and also for oursevles, because we tend to dwell on the negative.

    I have had problems this past year and up to now with the grumpies. I've gotten annoyed at the smallest things and a lot of times had a negative disposition towards things. I do often complain on twitter when these moments occur. I really want to change this, because I used to be such a happy and positive person. I could always have a good time no matter what I was doing and that's not the case so much anymore!

    I think this is a great idea, because not only is this about positivity within your mind, but also your body. And as I have been trying to lose weight this year I really want to focus on being healthy rather than just being thin. I've cut out a lot of horrible foods (most of the time, I still binge  on those every now and then :\), but I think I can do more by adding more fruits and vegetables and cutting out unnecessary carbs and sugars that can make you sick to your stomach.

    Head on over to Kaelah's post for more information on what you can do. She also has a cute little button to put up on your blog as I have done! 

Happy detoxing! ;)

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  1. SO glad you're on board! can't wait to see what these 30 days bring you! :D xo