Friday, April 8, 2011

Outfit Post: Vintage Peter Pan

   Whats uuuuup??? I am having a rather good day! I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe its because I was able to wake up super early (because I thought I had work and didn't!) and get dressed up a little and go into town to run some errands. I got myself and iced vanilla latte, my favoooriiite and a chef salad. Before that though I thought I would snap some outfit photos since I haven't done one in a while. I really wish I could do it more often , but honestly I don't get dressed up AT ALL throughout the week. I'm babysitting and working out all day so there isn't really any point. I try to take advantage of the weekends though and get dressed up.  But usually we are too busy to take photos. I need to try harder at that.

   Today I wore a dress that I purchased from Mandi Graber from Here's Looking at Me, Kid about a month or so ago. She has a little shop called FineandDandyVintage on Etsy full of awesome men and women's vintage clothing and accessories. I think she even has some houseware in there as well!

   I actually bought two other dresses from her shop, but one of them doesn't fit (sadface), but that was totally my fault for not measuring and going for it. It's so cute though, I didn't want to pass it up. It's still hanging in my closet waiting for me to shed these extra pounds so I can't squeeze into it, haha.

   This dress is great. Its a little 2 in 1 with a peter pan collar. I'm not sure of the material its made of, but I think if I saw a dress out of t his material in a store I would NEVER buy it. With that said, I still really love this dress. The material just makes it difficult to wear when its a little warm out. I would probably burn up in this dress even in South Dakota. It's great for chilly-ish days with these thin leggings and I can still wear it next fall.

   I'm not sure if Mandi cut the hem, but only today was it that I saw it had been shortened. I'm totally fine with that, the cut is hardly noticeable. It was a still just a little long in my opinion though so I cut like another inch off of it. Just don't pay attention to the details is all I'm gonna say. I'm no good with scissors!

   Sorry about the raggedy hair! I always think I could leave it out and it look reasonably nice, but it never turns out that way. I have some wild hair, thats for sure and I desperately need a hair cut!

Dress: FineandDandyVintage
Leggings: Walmart (a few years old!)
Boots: Wet seal

   I wish I got some better shots, but I had to do these ones myself with a self timer and tripod within like 5 minutes that I had to spare!

   Also, I hate that I didn't do 30 Days or Friday Favs. I didn't have internet while babysitting all week so I had no way of doing it unless I did it after work in the evening. Which lets face it, nobody wants to sit on the computer after being at work on the computer all day (playing The Sims, but on the computer no less!). Happy Friday!!

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