Monday, April 25, 2011

Music & Friends at Prairie Berry Winery

   This past Saturday me and Danza trekked towards Hill City (about an hour away) for our newly found friends, Juliana and Scotti's show. They are in a little band of two (sometimes three) called Scatters Their Own. They were playing at Prairie Berry Winery, which we had never heard of beforehand, a lot of richy rich type people were there, but there were some average people like us too so it wasn't uncomfortable. 

   We got there and helped unload their equipment and then me, Danz, and Juliana took off into the hills to do a photoshoot for a magazine Juliana is going to be in. When we got back Scotti was playing. We sat down had some really good food (Mediterranean pizza and orange soda, also some turkey, cheese and cranberry sandwhich. Danza tried some wine too) and listened to Scotti play. Juliana hopped in after a while and they played while I recorded and chowed down on my yummy food!

   It was so much fun. It was the first time we got to see them play besides at their house the one time we went over there to do a fun photoshoot. The hills were really beautiful to see as well! It even started to snow RIGHT before we left. We then went to rapid to grab a tire, something for my mom, and Danza got some new decks from his sponsor at Outlaw! All in all that is what made our weekend. Easter was sort of tame. We got up late, gave Jaeden a basket my mom made for him, took a long nap, got up and drove to Danza's dad's to grab leftovers, brought it home and ate it up, then laid down and watched The Office and fell asleep. Haha, longest sentence ever. Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Looks like a great night! i enjoyed the photos and the wine sounds delicious!