Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Gorgeous light fixtures, such as this one! The colors are beautiful for spring and summer.

These antique tables are gorgeous! I love white accented furniture. Also, the milk bottles as vases. Yes, please! I definitely plan on doing that when we move. I love having fresh flowers around!

I have to throw some humorous favorites in here, especially ones of the meme variety. This one totally brings me back, ha!

Oh my gosh, milkshakes. I've been so obsessed with them for the longest time. I had a strawberry cheesecake one this past week, delicious!

I LOVE aquariums! The biggest one I went to was the one at the Omaha Zoo. It was pretty pretty big. I really loved that zoo and am hoping to go back on our trip when we move down south!

 Family guy is just pure hilarity. Always.

(all images above were found on Tumblr)

Sherri's new hair color! I'm thinking about doing this for a little reward after I lose my next 10 lbs. That and a hair cut!

Happy Friday! Look out for my outfit post later today! :D


  1. i cannot wait to take my bee to the aquarium, and the light fixtures are pretty!

  2. wow! that jar pendant is AMAZING! i love the colors and it gives off such a sweet ambient light!